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Wood Moisture Meter Reviews

Sonin 50218 Moisture Meter Review

This meter exhibits a critical flaw—namely it appreciably under-reports moisture content in wood below about 12% moisture content. This flaw renders the meter essentially unusable for a number of common applications, including for flooring installations and furniture making. We deducted two stars from our overall rating to reflect this critical flaw.

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Lignomat Mini DX/C Hammer Probe Review

The Lignomat Mini DX/C moisture meter comes with the option of using a hammer probe accessory for obtaining deeper measurements within the wood sample. However, we found the hammer probe’s pins to be of poor quality. A large number of them broke during testing and had to be replaced.

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Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter Review

The Protimeter Surveymaster comes with several probe accessories and features two modes of operation. One is a search (pinless) mode that quickly scans samples and provides a relative reading using a capacitive-coupled sensor. The other is a measurement (pin) mode that provides moisture content readings using two pins inserted into the sample.

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Tramex PTM 6005 Moisture Meter Review

The Tramex PTM 6005 is a digital pin meter that uses resistance technology for measuring moisture. It features a built-in socket that accommodates an array of optional external electrodes and insulated pins for measuring moisture content at various depths in the wood.

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