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Pinless Moisture Meters

Wagner Meters MMC205 Shopline 5% to 20% Pinless Digital Wood Moisture Meter Review

The Wagner MMC205 is well-suited for applications that require moisture measurement precision only to the nearest one percent. It provides very accurate readings for wood with moisture content (MC) at 17% and below. It is a pinless meter that measures moisture without damaging the wood surface and without interference from surface moisture.

Lignomat VersaTec Moisture Meter Review

The Lignomat VersaTec uses an advanced microprocessor technology from Lignomat. Designed for maximum versatility, it comes with built-in adjustments for different wood species, bamboo, sheetrock and a reference scale for concrete and other building materials.It also offers three modes: pin mode, scan (pinless) mode with selectable measuring depths, and a relative humidity (RH) mode that measures temperature and RH. The calibration is internally checked before each reading for the pin and pinless modes and automatically adjusted as needed.

Lignomat Scanner D Moisture Meter Review

The Lignomat Scanner D is a pinless, capacitance-type meter capable of reading moisture in wood, bamboo, and other building materials without leaving marks or damaging the material.

Lignomat Scanner S/D Moisture Meter Review

The Lignomat Scanner S/D is a dual depth (1/4 inch or 3/4 inch) pinless, capacitance-type meter. It is engineered to provide the average moisture content (MC) for the portion of the wood sample between the surface and the selected depth of penetration. The S/D is lightweight, compact and easy to use, and can be used on a variety of building materials such as wood, composites, laminates and sheetrock. The meter features a built-in species adjustment once the specific gravity is entered, and a HOLD function that makes this meter handy for working in tight spaces.

Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter Review

The Protimeter Surveymaster comes with several probe accessories and features two modes of operation. One is a search (pinless) mode that quickly scans samples and provides a relative reading using a capacitive-coupled sensor. The other is a measurement (pin) mode that provides moisture content readings using two pins inserted into the sample.

Tramex M.E.P. Moisture Meter Review

The Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus (M.E.P.) is a pinless meter employing analog technology and is capable of detecting moisture up to 1¼ inch deep without damage to the surface of the material.