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Protimeter Reviews

Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter Review

This meter exhibits a critical flaw—namely its inability to read below 7% moisture content. This flaw renders the meter essentially unusable for a number of common applications, including for flooring installations and furniture making. We deducted one star from our overall rating to reflect this critical flaw.

Protimeter Timbermaster Hammer Electrode Review

The GE Timbermaster’s hammer electrode is one of the accessories available for the Timbermaster meter. It facilitates measurement of moisture deep within the wood sample.

In spite of the slide hammer’s solid appearance, the electrode tended to malfunction during our testing. Several times the crimp broke off the wire inside the head of the electrode.

Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter Review

The Protimeter Surveymaster comes with several probe accessories and features two modes of operation. One is a search (pinless) mode that quickly scans samples and provides a relative reading using a capacitive-coupled sensor. The other is a measurement (pin) mode that provides moisture content readings using two pins inserted into the sample.