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Subjective and Meter Features Review

Ease of use:

  1. Is the meter intuitive to learn how to use?
  2. Documentation: are the manual and other documents comprehensive and easy to understand?
  3. Is the meter able to store and/or hold readings?
  4. How fast can the user obtain consecutive readings?
  5. Is the battery easy to install without tools?
  6. For pin meters, are the pins easy to install?
  7. Is the temperature compensation automatic or require the use of a table?


  1. Is the meter casing likely to break with normal use?
  2. What type of case or carry pouch does the meter come with?
  3. For pin meters, is it likely that the pins will come loose?
  4. For meters with cable connections, how functional is the cable?
  5. For pin meters, how likely are the pins to break or bend?


  1. Ergonomics: how does the meter feel in the hand related to shape, size and materials?
  2. Transportability: does the meter include a carrying case, belt case, and/ or fit in a pocket?
  3. Does the meter have a large enough display to read from a distance?
  4. Button quality


  1. Modes: does the meter offer both pin and pinless modes?
  2. Species settings: is this programmed or require the use of a correction table?
  3. How easy is it to view and record data when working in tight or awkward spaces?


  1. High and low: can the meter take measurements at the high (30% MC) and low (5% MC) end of the moisture content range?


  1. Does the meter feature an alarm?
  2. Precision: does the meter read to the nearest 1% or better?
  3. Does the meter indicate when the battery is low?
  4. Can the meter store data?
  5. Can the meter be used to retrieve individual readings?
  6. Is the meter capable of retrieving statistics (average, maximum, minimum)
  7. Can the meter hold the current reading?
  8. Does the meter offer download of data to a computer?
  9. Is the meter capable of calibration by the manufacturer?
  10. Can the user verify whether the meter is within calibration specifications?

Customer Support:

  1. Manual: Are the manual and all required conversion charts available online?
  2. Warranty: Is the warranty greater than, less than or equal to one year?
  3. Email response: How fast is the response to questions and inquiries submitted by email?
  4. Telephone response: How fast is the response by telephone?
  5. Service repair: Does the manufacturer offer a service center for repairs?