No one wants to deliberately drop a moisture meter, but accidents do happen. When a meter is dropped, the readings may be affected. We subjected meters to this test to determine what might happen in the real world. The test involved dropping meters from a height of 4-feet onto a concrete floor, and then checking to see if the meter’s performance changed.

Real-World Scenarios

In the real world, dropping a meter can result in three scenarios, with two of them being bad. In the first scenario, the meter survives the fall and performs as it did before.

In the second scenario, the meter breaks and no longer works. And in the third scenario, something more insidious happens. The dropped meter gets knocked out of calibration by a couple percent, but the user is unaware that this has happened.

Knowing whether or not a particular meter can endure a drop, yet continue to perform without affecting accuracy, gives the user assurance he’s obtaining an accurate reading.

Test Procedures

  1. Select one piece of softwood at (11-16%).
  2. Take one reading with each meter before dropping the meters.
  3. Angle the sliding platform at 45 degrees.
  4. Drop each meter, then take a reading.
  5. Take notes on if the meter becomes damaged or stops working.