Wagner MMC220 Moisture Meter

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Extended Range Meter for Wood

  • Pinless IntelliSense® Technology
  • Domestic & Exotic Woods
    with relative readings on all other materials
  • Digital Display
  • Stated moisture range: 5% - 30%
  • 0.1% Precision
  • Depth of measurement- 3/4"
  • Press and Hold Feature
  • Designed for professional use or for the serious hobbyist

Wagner Meters MMC220 is a non-damaging, lightweight moisture meter with extended SG range for domestic and exotic woods. It’s lightweight, portable design makes it simple for woodworkers and industry professionals to scan boards quickly and accurately.

Wagner incorporates its IntelliSense Technology in the MMC220 moisture meter to guarantee that the meter is unaffected by surface moisture.

The MMC 220 is programmable for both domestic and exotic wood applications and there is no need to adjust the meters moisture content readings for temperature. Its Press and Hold feature will hold the moisture content reading on the display, allowing you to get into tight places and still be able to document the readings for your project requirements.

Price Range: $345.00 - $400.00
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