Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter

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Mini Meter with Remote Probe

  • Pin Meter
    with optional Hammer Electrode
  • Wood
    with relative readings on other materials
  • LED Display
  • Stated Moisture Range - 6% - 90%
  • Depth of measurement- pin depth

The Protimeter Mini is a general purpose moisture meter that can take quick, comparative measurements in a range of building materials, including wood, drywall, concrete and more, expressed as wood moisture content or wood moisture equivalent. The LED display give moisture content is a color-coded system: Green for dry, yellow for at-risk and red for wet conditions. A moisture probe and lead are included for hard-to-reach locations, and the Protimiter Mini can also be used with an optional hammer electrode or deep wall probe.

Price Range: $170.00 - $208.00
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