At Moisture Meter Experts we offer you the top brands in moisture meters for side-by-side comparison to be sure you find the right tool to suit your budget and your industry. Whether you are in the market for a wood moisture meter, a concrete moisture meter or a building inspection moisture meter that can handle a variety of materials, we want to be sure you know your options in order to make the right selection.

Moisture occurs naturally in numerous types of materials and industries. Wood, concrete, sheetrock, and paper – these materials contain a certain level of moisture that is an integral part of their makeup. However, left unmonitored, that moisture can cause major potential problems, from flooring failures to inventory product losses to professional liability issues.

An accurate moisture meter lets you measure and monitor the materials used in your business or hobby application for their appropriate moisture content (MC) levels. Having the right tool for the job is just as important as understanding the underlying costs of not measuring the material’s MC. Here at Moisture Meter Experts, we want you to find the right tool so that excessive moisture doesn’t catch you unaware. We offer expert moisture meter reviews, guides, comparisons, resources and products all geared to helping you identify and use the right type of moisture meter for your application. We are here to help because we know moisture meters.

Types of Meters

Wood moisture meters cover a range of needs from determining firewood moisture content to flooring and cabinet making to lumber production moisture measuring.

Concrete Moisture Meter Reviews CONCRETE MOISTURE METERS

Concrete moisture meters can be used for comparative measurements of concrete moisture conditions or for getting documentable readings of the relative humidity in a concrete slab.


Building inspection moisture meters provide relative moisture content readings for a wide range of building materials including wood, concrete, sheetrock, tile, and more.

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Top Reviews
  • Wagner MMC220 Moisture Meter
    The Wagner MMC220 is one of the most accurate meters we tested for measuring moisture in wood. It is a pinless meter that measures moisture deep in the wood, thanks to its IntelliSense™ technology, without damaging the wood surface and without interference from surface moisture. Ideal for wood flooring and woodworking applications, this meter measures moisture in; [...]
  • Delmhorst BD 2100 Moisture Meter
    The Delmhorst BD-2100 is a digital pin-type meter that uses resistance technology for measuring moisture. It can accommodate an array of optional accessories, including electrodes, insulated pins and a slide hammer to assist in taking measurements. It features three scales for use with wood, plastic/concrete, and gypsum, along with color-coded indicators of moistur; [...]
  • Delmhorst Accuscan Pinless Analog Moisture Meter
    The Delmhorst Accuscan is a pinless meter using an analog readout. Its ability to test for moisture in many types of building materials makes it somewhat versatile. It can check for moisture up to ¾ inch deep in wood, concrete, sheetrock, EIFS, and other building materials. However, a significant drawback is the likelihood of obtaining less accurate measurements, ; [...]
  • Extech M0220 Moisture Meter
    The Extech MO220 is a pin-style, conductivity moisture meter specifically designed for use in the wood industry. The MO220 offers several useful features, including built-in calibration check, species adjustment, and auto temperature adjustment. It scored reasonably high in accuracy, especially in the mid-range from 9% to 18%, but cannot provide readings when moist; [...]